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Studio Thai Therapy Pozzuoli via Pietro Ragnisco 48/5080078 Pozzuoli NA

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THAI THERAPY ITALIAN OR THAI LADY? BUT REALLY PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE, a massage center in POZZUOLI gives the possibility to set people free from everyday life and stress thanks to the staff, which has a long experience in the fields of wellness and Thai massage treatments. Due to accumulated tensions and stress the body may be influenced. Unhealthy life habits, frenetic rhythms and the growing challenges and responsibilities tend to increase anxiety and frenzy, especially because people can't find the time to relax and spent time with themselves. One session at the Shabda 

Thai massage center is essential to restore the balance and regain energy and peace. In order to find inner peace and gain reactivity, it is enough to lie down and let the experienced staff massaging you. The center has been designed to appear like a wellness island. Once inside the Shabda massage center, you will be able to leave worries behind the door thanks to the atmosphere and the staff that will make you feel comfortable with yourself. If you wish to learn more about the different typologies of massages and the benefits, please visit the dedicated website section and you will discover the one that suits you.


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The Massage center in Naples boasts a long experience in the wellness sector and personal care treatments. The main goal is to help clients restore the perfect balance beaten body and mind through ancient eastern massages techniques, such as the Thai massage, which combines ayurvedic Indian medicine with yoga potions and traditional Chinese medicine benefits. This technique is well-executed by the Studio Shabda' s staff, furthermore it provides tangible benefits such as harmony, de-stress and comfort. The massage center in Naples is the ideal place in which wellness meets inner harmony. The center offers many massages. Here, every person can count on a personalized massage and can choose among a wide selection of services that are provided from Studio Shabda. Come and discover the offered massages, their benefits and find the one that suits your needs.


Massaggio Thai tradizionale

Presso il centro massaggi Thai Therapy Pozzuoli potrai provare Il trattamento tradizionale thailandese anche denominato “nuad phaen borarn” (นวดแผนโบราณ) in lingua thai e significa toccare per guarire (nuad). Presso il centro massaggi Shabda viene eseguito su futon da operatrici specializzate. Pozzuoli 0815266843 via Pietro Ragnisco 48 nei pressi Cumana


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