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Shabda Ina Massage Center is situated in Via IV Novembre, Naples, and it is accessible from all the directions. Thus, every moment is ideal to benefit from a relaxing massage. Perhaps, while taking a break at work, or after family's duties, such as bringing the kids at school. Shabda Studio is always available to satisfy and meet customers' needs, especially to those with a busy day-schedule. To fight against stress and tensions, clients can choose among a wide selection of massages, for example relaxing massages, draining massages, four-hands massages with the support of two masseur or qualified eastern specialist. Customers are able to choose the perfect massage that suits their personalities and needs, in fact, Massage Center in Naples counts on an amazing team that will ensure a relaxing performance.

How Thai Massage Helps Your Nervous System
March 20, 2018 § 1 Comment

The nervous system regulates all other systems of the body. Using Thai Massage to calm the nerves indirectly improves the functioning of all your organs.
Our autonomic nervous system, which controls the automatic functions of our body such as our heartbeat and digestion, consists of two types of fibers:

The sympathetic nervous system
The parasympathetic nervous system
The brain controls these two systems.

The sympathetic nervous system is activated when we face an emergency, shock or trauma. Our body automatically gets into the “fight or flight” mode:

Your breathing accelerates to provide more oxygen to the blood
Your heart rate and blood pressure increase to carry more blood to the muscles
Muscles contract to be able to cope with the action
The adrenal glands secrete adrenaline into the bloodstream to strengthen and maintain the activity of the sympathetic nervous system
The digestive system slows down, to save energy
Meanwhile the brain also triggers a chemical reaction: stress hormones are secreted, the main one being cortisol, which gives the body more energy.

When stress is eliminated, the brain switches to the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system involved in the normal functioning of our body systems. When the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered, the sympathetic nervous system begins to rest.

During periods of low stress, you experience the following:

Your heart rate and blood pressure go down
Your blood pressure stabilizes
Your muscles relax
You digestion goes back to normal

Moreover, the Center constantly provides promotions and offers every week, so that clients can try different kind of massages and treatments at an affordable price. For instance, clients have the possibility to experience the unique traditional Thai massage that combines Chinese medicine and yoga positions. During the session, the masseur performs different operation, ranging from muscle compression to joint mobilizations. Once the massage is completed, the client will experience a pleasant sensation of lightness and, at the same time he/she will feel full of energy.

At the Massage Center in Naples, the four-hands massage is offered as well. During the sessions, the client is massaged by two masseurs that work simultaneously. This is a special massage that provides many benefits, especially for muscles, blood circulation, body detoxification, reduction of tensions and improvements to the skin condition.
Shabda Massage Center in Naples, not only performs traditional Thai massages, but also relaxing, drenating and invigorating massages. These massages are perfect to remove excess fluids and improve tone and firmness. The toning massage is indicated to reduce fat deposits and cellulite on upper legs, buttocks and hips, thus perfect to gain tone and an healthy body. In fact, the movements performed during the massage help to dissolve fluids and give new life and energy to the skin.

Traditional Thai Massage

Massage Center in Naples, guarantees a traditional Thai massage that has ancient roots and has been performed for over 2500 years in the Chinese tradition. Thai is where this unique treatment comes from. The traditional Thai massage combines the benefits of ayurvedic Indian medicine with yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.
This ancient massage is able to restore energy at a psycho-physical level thanks to the acupressure techniques coming directly from Chinese medicine and yoga positions from India. The main goal of the Thai massage is to reach the highest level of harmony, wellness and spiritual elevation, for both the masseur and the client.
Shabda Massage Center in Naples, can count on experience eastern masseurs that guarantee a well-performed treatment and many benefits.

How the massage is performed

Shabda Massage Center in Naples, offers its clients the unique possibility to benefit from many treatments that are executed by a top-quality staff that has many years of experience in the traditional Thai massage, and eastern tradition.
The massage is performed through circular movements that are coordinated with the breath rhythm of the client. In this way, it is possible to feel relaxed and restore balance. The masseurs are also able to hear the customer's heart beat, and proceed in harmony with it. This is the first step before different movements and muscle pressure are carried out.
The massage Center in Naples, provides a Thai massage that will increase the vascular activity of the clients as well as restore psycho-physical energy. For this reason, after the treatment, the client feels full of energy and wellness. The Center, recommends this type of massages for athletes too, in fact, it supports the body after an injury and restore energy and strength. Shabda Massage center executes this massages with the help of essential oils because of their benefits and unique fragrances. If you wish to know how to make a traditional massage, just watch this wonderful video of an Aroma Thai Massage performed at the Center. You will immediately dream of a relaxing break.

Four-hands massage

Among its many services, Studio Shabda offers four-hands massages for a special wellness moment. This type of treatment requires two specialized masseurs that will perform synchronized movements and help customers relax.
Through this massage body's muscles, joints and blood flow relax, so that the client is able to feel a strong energy and finally recover body tone and harmony.
The massage performed by the staff of the Center helps to get rid of tensions, also with the use of essential oils, aromas and unique fragrances. Our masseurs have a great knowledge of the different techniques and guarantee a massage that will improve blood circulation, body tone and muscle contractions

Couples Massages

The massage center in Naples, provides many treatments perfect for every need. The center offers couples massages for those who wish to relax with his/her partner or a friend. This treatment is ideal to strengthen boundaries and relationships thanks to the amazing atmosphere that is created. Moreover, this massage reduces stress, muscle tensions and improves the immune system and the blood flow thanks to circular movements performed by the masseurs.
The couple massage is executed in a welcoming and relaxing area, where 2 masseurs of the Shabda Center will work simultaneously and create a relaxing rhythm through which the couple is able to feel the special energy between themselves.

Plantar Reflexology Massage

Shabda Massage Center in Naples, provides traditional Thai massages, relaxing massages, draining massages, toning massages, ayurvedic massages and plantar reflexology treatments that are a great remedy to get rid of pain and heaviness. A plantar massage is one of those treatments that is able to reward clients with huge benefits for the body.
This treatment is performed in specific foot' areas and the lower part of the legs. It uses the same stimulated points of the acupuncture. The energy points are selected thanks to the traditional Chinese medicine that has discovered how these points are linked to internal organs, thus the pressure of this special parts of the body will improve the body wellness. The plantar reflexology stimulates special points thanks to circular movements that improve the blood flow and wellness.
The Thai plantar massage, in fact, offers many benefits, such as:

  • stimulation of the blood circulation
  • stress-reduction and better sleep
  • contractions improvement
  • focus improvement
  • stimulation towards recovery

Ayurvedic Massage and life-science

The massage Center in Naples, provides relaxing ayurvedic massages as well as different treatments suitable to every need. Through the ayurvedic massage, the client is able to benefit from an ancient treatment that revitalize the body and the mind , thanks to specific movements that effect the blood flow, relax the muscles and ,finally, tone the body.
Ayurveda has a long history and its etymological meaning becomes Life-science. Ayurveda's approach is designed to support and maintain wellness, moreover it considers all the most important elements: physics, physiological and spiritual ones. In fact, this ancient knowledge treats these three elements as strictly close and connected to each other.
The main purpose is to maintain a balance among all these elements to restore wellness and recover diseases. In Ayurveda's art it extremely important the concept of the three dosha: vital energies. These three vital energies are made up of Vata (wind): the energy is linked to everything that moves inside our body, such as the nervous system, bones, blood flow and breathing.

This energy is characterized by dryness, coldness, lightness, subtlety, fluidity, roughness, toughness and clarity. The second energy is Pitta (fire), that is connected to physical and mental digestion. Pitta is characterized by warm, oiliness, softness, smoothness, clarity and fluidity. Another dosha is Kapha, that keeps together all the body physiology. This energy is linked to cohesion and its main features are: humidity, coldness, heaviness, stability, opacity, softness, smoothness, density and coarseness. When these three energies are not balanced anymore, mental and psychical pain may disturb the body. To restore inner peace is it essential to bring harmony back among the energies.

The examples

At very core of each person there are lifestyles and personal choices. For instance, if a person lives a life full of excesses , then he/she will give priority to Vata energy. This results in imbalance and pain in those parts of the body controlled by this dosha. When there is a surplus of one of these energies, our wellness is affected. Thus, it is fundamental to restore harmony among the energies with the help of specific treatments. Inner peace is known to make a person feel comfortable, that's why, sometimes, it is important to have a break and relax.
Another examples is Vata energy that is characterized by dryness, spareness, roughness and it is typical to thin and nervous people. In this case, one element's features are contrasted with opposite qualities, such as warm food that will fight dryness, and spices that will help the digestion. Whereas, regarding the mental side, the features are distraction and behaves variability. In this case the ideal qualities to help the mind are :yoga positions, meditation and the maintenance of a high spirit.
On the other hand, when Kapha energy is too much, the results are: wrong rhymes and stress resistance. A “wild life”will keep this dosha in harmony.
Ayurveda is about lifestyles and day-to-day activities. In fact, it is a method to prevent troubles, to stay healthy and live a happy life by using everyday-life things, such as: appropriate diet, comfort rest, adequate behaviors depending on our own body and, finally, accurate practices to restore wellness.
All these acknowledges are based on practical aspects and they perfectly support wellness and health, both mental and physical. To Ayurveda, the mind is a material part that needs to be related to psychics aspects of the body, such as anger, that just like any other feeling may affect the physical health. But wellness is also about the brain, thus it is extremely important to consider this element in order to alleviate psychical pain.